Poly Dining Tables

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Dine in style and comfort on your patio or deck!   Choose from a rectangular, square, oval, or round table shape in various sizes to fit your family.

Made from Poly-lumber which is made from recycled plastic jugs.  The colored options are infused with color and a UV stabilizer to reduce fading.  This plastic product is manufactured to withstand the harshest of weather,will not warp, crack, or mildew, and should last for decades.  Poly products are a good option for areas where there is a lot of moisture.  When the time comes to retire these poly products, they can be recycled into other useful items.  Available in a wide variety of colors and color combinations.

Product Details

Rectangular Table 44 x 60, 44 x 72 or 44 x 84
Oval Table 44 x 60, 44 x 72, or 44 x 84
Square Table 32 x 32, 36 x 36, or 44 x 44
Round Table 32″, 36″, 44″, or 48″ Round
All Rectangular and Oval tables are 29.5″High
Square and Round tables are available 29.5″, 35.5″, or 41.5″ High!
table heights (Small)

Available colors.  Click To View Larger
colors copy (Custom)
Some colors only available as table tops.  See store for details.


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