Canterbury Grandfather Clock

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This stunning Grandfather Clock is handcrafted by highly skilled clock-makers in the heart of Ohio! Each clock features intricate handcrafted details and is held to the very highest standards of craftsmanship.
The Canterbury Grandfather Clock features detailed handcrafted columns running almost the entire length, framing the clock’s front side. The details in the clocks crown are also exquisite.
This clock features a Hermle 8-day weight driven German made movement constructed of solid brass. Features Westminster, Whittington, and St Michaels melodies on the quarter hours and strikes out the hours. Also has a night shut-off feature. The movement has a 2 year warranty.
Choose from solid Oak, Cherry, Brown Maple, Hickory, Elm, or Walnut to create the clock of your dreams. Also your choice of Pendulums, Dials, and Weights!

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Dimensions:  79H x 22W x 12.5D

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